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Xbox 720 dev kit goes on sale for £10,000 as 'a prank'

Xbox 720 dev kit goes on sale for £10,000 as 'a prank'
Is this Durango kit for real?

A humble desktop PC that went on sale for the seemingly outrageous price of £10,000 is apparently configured to work as a development station for the Xbox 720.

Currently codenamed Durango, the supposed Xbox 720 hardware is said to contain an Intel CPU, Nvidia graphics chipset and more than 8GB of memory.

It was listed as a 64-bit core-toting console with 8-core CPU to boot which sounds outlandish but denials from devs haven't exactly been forthcoming.

Curiouser and curiouser

Eurogamer cites several "reliable sources known to be working on AAA next-gen games" who branded the leaked images as genuine.

Xbox 720 dev kit

Image credit: Eurogamer

The gang over at DF also tracked down "DaE," the man who posted the kit for sale.

"DaE told us that this was a prank he played on the administrator of the AssemblerGames forum - the end result being that he was banned for his efforts and the offending post swiftly removed," the site reported.

Such a strange tale – but just about strange enough to be true? We'll leave it up to you to decide.

Via Eurogamer, MCV, Gizmodo UK

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