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Xbox 360 Twitter and Facebook imminent

Facebook on the Xbox 360 anybody?
Facebook on the Xbox 360 anybody?

The next public beta for the Xbox 360 launches later this very month, introducing a number of new features including full, Twitter and Facebook integration.

Only a limited number of users will initially be invited into the public beta test, along with members of the press.

"People are excited about the new services coming to Xbox Live, such as Facebook, Twitter and," said Craig Beilinson, director of marketing for Entertainment and Devices at Microsoft.

Console or mobile?

Expect more details on the beta soon, which we currently know to be kicking off around the "middle-towards-end of October".

Initial criticism of Facebook on the 360 seems to suggest that the only real appeal to users will be the option to view all of your photos on your TV and finding Facebook friends that also have Xbox Live gamer tags.

This, of course, may still prove to be a good enough draw for many Xbox gamers to start using Facebook on their telly, in addition to on their mobile phone on the bus and on their PC at work.

Also stay tuned for the arrival of the Sky Player on the Xbox 360 later this very month.