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What will E3 2014 deliver?

E3 TR Show
E3 2014 kicks off June 10

This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo - or E3 for all you happening, in-the-know folk - isn't expected to hit the same frenzied clamour of last year's event, which marked the advent of the Xbox One and PS4. Instead, games will be the key focus of E3 2014, which, let's face it, is the most important part of gaming anyway.

Many will be following E3 to find out what titles are heading to their console of choice in the coming months. But for those still sitting firmly on the fence clutching their last-gen systems, E3 2014 will be the event that determines which way their foot falls.

In this week's TechRadar Show, Patrick Goss and Hugh Langley set their sights on the world's biggest gaming event to discuss the major talking points surrounding E3 2014, and the games they're looking forward to most (if any).

And, not ignoring the elephant in the room, they're also sharing their first impressions of iOS 8, which was recently revealed at WWDC 2014. Oh yeah, and we have a go at tricking Xbox One Kinect. The results are pretty interesting...

Tune into this week's TechRadar Show, posted below as ever for your viewing pleasure.