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We're here at GDC 2014!

GDC 2014
GDC 2014 is underway

That's right - the weather is beautiful, the panels are underway and we're here in lovely San Francisco ready to check out the 2014 Game Developer's Conference.

We're pretty excited to see what all the big names have in store especially with all the rumors surrounding Sony's "superior" virtual reality headset on the roster for a reveal this week.

Microsoft doesn't have too much on its plate - just a few bits about SmartGlass, cross screen applications, DirectX 12 and a massive focus on indie gaming (just kidding folks, looks pretty full to us).

Valve also recently showed off the latest iteration of its Steam Controller which we're hoping the company brought along so we can grab some hands on time with before the conference is over.

TechRadar will be at Moscone all week long so keep checking back for the latest GDC news.