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Waiting half a lifetime for Half-Life 3

Half Life 3
So faaar awaaaay

The folks over at Valve are a sadistic bunch.

It's been 10 years, a flippin' decade, since Gordon Freeman last graced our screens in Half Life 2. Gabe Newell reckons he can stall us with Steam Boxes and OSs and weird, new-fangled gamepads, but if he thinks we've forgotten about our favourite gaming mute, he's very much mistaken.

Sadly, we're as much in the dark as you are about when (or even if) we'll finally see the third instalment in the best FPS ever made (fact), but we've got a few ideas around what we want to see. We also have some interesting thoughts on what could be in store for the third Portal outing.

In this week's Gaming Spotlight, Patrick Goss and Hugh "Langers" Langley chat about the games they're itching to play most in 2014 and beyond, all while doing their best to avoid the subject of a certain acquisition of a certain VR company by a certain data-mining social media company…