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Unity for PlayStation Mobile gives budding creators a free route to your Vita

Unity for PlayStation Mobile give budding creators a free route to your Vita
Unity - mo' content le' money?

Good news for you budding games creators (and all the rest of us players to boot) - Sony has announced that Unity for PlayStation Mobile is available for free.

That means that anybody on the PSM developer program can publish their Unity wares built for the PS Vita to PlayStation Store free of charge.

For the less creatively minded, that means a wealth of new content to take a look at and then get angry because it's not as polished as GTA V.


For those of you wondering just what all this Unity stuff is that we keep hearing about - it is a cross-platform set of well-received game-building tools, a rendering engine and a community of like-minded creatives.

There is already a Unity for Vita option that is available for licensed developers - but this is much more for those who are not quite in that category or want to keep costs low until they are ready to unleash their re-imagining of Manic Miner on a unsuspecting world.

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