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This is what it's like to spend a hellish day in RollerCoaster Tycoon


Simulation/God games have always been a place for us to be the darkest versions of ourselves - we know we weren't the only ones who used to trap our Sims in the pool by removing the ladder.

Anyone who has played RollerCoaster Tycoon will also know how much fun terrorising innocent pixelated people can be, but have you ever stopped to consider what it's like for them?

YouTube's AndrewMFilms has made a video shot from the perspective of the visitors as their trip to the theme park quickly turns into a hellish nightmare.

At least we can be thankful that this one isn't filled with the mountain of in-app purchases featured in Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile. We'd rather take a ride on that suspiciously rickety log flume.

Hugh Langley

Hugh Langley is the ex-News Editor of TechRadar. He had written for many magazines and websites including Business Insider, The Telegraph, IGN, Gizmodo, Entrepreneur Magazine, WIRED (UK), TrustedReviews, Business Insider Australia, Business Insider India, Business Insider Singapore and more.