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The future of UK games will be daringly different, says Bafta-winning dev

Expect more innovation and surprises from UK games, says Surgeon Sim creator
Maybe these surgeons can finally afford some decent equipment

News that the European Commission has green lit UK game tax breaks has been music to developers' ears, and none more so than Bossa Studios, the name behind Surgeon Simulator.

But Imre Jele, co-founder of Bossa, said he's most interested to see the "indirect effects" that the tax relief will bring.

Speaking to TechRadar, Jele said he expects we'll see "even more innovation and surprising games, titles no one would have dared to produce otherwise."

He added: "By attracting back the talent presently working on other countries, the UK will claim back its well-deserved leading title in the games industry."

Britain's got talent

The tax breaks should also encourage gaming companies to move to the UK. Both Canada and France have offered the incentives for some time and have attracted a number of developers to their territories.

"This will increase investor confidence, encourage gaming companies to relocate to the UK and help the bottom line of all existing businesses," said Jele.

Hugh Langley

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