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The blocks are aligning: X-Men director Brett Ratner will produce Tetris origins movie


If The Social Network and Steve Jobs have taught us anything, it's that movies about people building tech things can actually be quite riveting.

Next up for the biopic treatment is Alexey Pajitnov, the Russian video game designer who created the iconic puzzler Tetris - and Brett Ratner is going to produce it.

Ratner, who directed all three Rush Hour films and X-Men: The Last Stand, will be developing the film alongside James Packer under the duo's RatPac Entertainment company, reports The Tracking Board.

Taking shape

Pajitnov's tale is certainly ripe for a dramatic adaptation. He made the game while working for Soviet Union-owned company Elektronorgtechnica in 1984. Nintendo later obtained the rights to sell Tetris themselves, and Pajitnov didn't receive royalties until 1996.

We're hoping this movie gets moving faster than the "epic sci-fi" adaptation that was announced last year by Threshold Entertainment.

As much as we loved Tetris, we can't begin to imagine how anyone might build a story around a bunch of blocks falling from the sky.

Mind you, it was done with Battleship and that worked out fine, right?


Hugh Langley

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