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Sony PSP and PS3 outselling Nintendo's DS and Wii

PSP Go - a mis-step?
PSP Go - a mis-step?

Sony's PSP and PS3 outsold Nintendo's DS and Wii in the busy November period in both company's home market of Japan.

The huge success of Nintendo's Wii and DS products has been one of the big gaming stories of the millennium, but Sony's PlayStation brand is fighting back.

According to Tokyo based market researcher Enterbrain Inc, the PSP benefited from the release of Monster Hunter Portable to overtake the DS in the handheld market selling 236,775 compared to 147,016.

PS3 v Wii

In the home console market, Sony sold 123,748 PS3 consoles compared to 109,660 Wiis.

The arrival of driving game Gran Turismo 5 was obviously a major part in this boost.

Sony's PlayStation brand finally appears to be back on track with the PS3 finally living up to its billing and providing some stellar games.

Although the PSP Go was something of a false dawn in the portable market, the talk of a PSP Phone along with PSP 2 rumours have given the platform a timely boost.

Via Bloomberg

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