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Sony PS4 to come without Cell processor?

Sony PS4 to come without Cell processor?
Chip off the old block

Sony is set to ditch its Cell processor for the PS4 and go with a chip made by AMD.

This is according to Kotaku, which is claiming that "industry sources" have tipped their hat to the site and revealed that AMD is in the running to replace the Cell chipset.

The Cell processor still impresses after five years in the business but Sony's big plans for the chip never really came to fruition. This is despite companies like Toshiba choosing the chip and variations of it to power their next-gen televisions.

If these unnamed sources are to be trusted then it seems that AMD has managed to nab the Sony PS4 gig, which would mean a significant shift for Sony – as the PS3 had a Nvidia GPU inside.

Want chips with that?

Rumour has it that AMD will be providing both the CPU and the GPU – essentially using the company's AMD Fusion architecture.

Given that the PS4 is still something that has been unconfirmed by Sony, it is unlikely we will get confirmation from either AMD or Sony anytime soon.

But it is interesting that Sony may bid farewell to a chipset which had so much promise.

Via Gizmodo UK

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