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Rejoice Pokemon Go fans - it's about to get easier to catch rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go fever might have been slowly dying a death thanks to a variety of reasons, but developer Niantic is working hard to bring players back to the game.

The latest planned update (as detailed in a blog post) will start to reward players for catching the same low-level Pokémon time and time again.

Under the new system, catching a Pokémon of a certain type (be it fire, water, fighting or otherwise) will grant you a "catch bonus" which slowly builds up to give you a better chance of catching higher level Pokémon of that same type.

Medal table

At the moment, catching a certain amount of each type of Pokémon will earn you medals, but until now these awards have been purely aesthetic, and have not offered any gameplay rewards.

This has turned the game into a frustrating grind, as catching more of the same (common) Pokémon offers no gameplay progress beyond earning XP.

Via Cnet

Jon Porter

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