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PlayStation 3 outsells Xbox 360 by 28%

Sony Vs Microsoft - the gloves are on
Sony Vs Microsoft - the gloves are on

Sony is celebrating today, with news that the PlayStation 3 is now outselling the Xbox 360 by 28 per cent, a complete turnaround from a year ago, when Microsoft's console was way out in lead.

Between June 2009 and 2010, Sony managed to sell 14.3 million PS3s, compared to 10.3 million Xbox 360s sold, according to official figures released by both companies.

The main reason for the role reversal seems to be Sony cutting the price of its console and also offering a slim version.

Testing times

Although Microsoft is still in front when it comes to overall sales of the consoles, this lead has been trimmed significantly to just 3.6 million.

These are interesting times for the two gaming giants. Both are close to releasing motion-sensor gaming (PlayStation Move and Kinect) which should stretch out the life of the consoles and Microsoft has only just released its Slim version of the Xbox 360.

So it is not clear cut that Sony will actually ever overtake Microsoft in terms of console dominance - although it does have an extra card to play and that is 3D gaming.

It will be interesting to see what the next 12 months bring.

Via VG247

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