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Street Fighter 5 review


The biggest name in fighting games is back, with Street Fighter 5 having just hit the PS4 and PC - but how good is it?

For our Street Fighter 5 review we've tried something a little different: we've done two of them. You see, while many people will know their Hadoukens from their Shoryukens, others will be coming to the series fresh.

On one side we have Marc Chacksfield, a returning Street Fighter player who hasn't properly dipped back into the franchise since the days of Street Fighter II. Given that was over 20 years ago, he's our novice.

And on the other we have Ian Dransfield, a long-time fan who's stuck with the franchise throughout.

We hope this will offer a more rounded idea of whether Street Fighter 5 is the game for you. Just select the review you want to read from the menu above - think of it as a "Choose your own adventure" type of review.