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New Mirror's Edge Catalyst trailer will get you ready for the beta

New Mirror's Edge trailer highlights story, but still makes room for action

Can't wait for some hardcore parkour in Mirror's Edge Catalyst? While the sci-fi free-running game isn't out for three more months, developer DICE has dropped a new trailer to keep us pumped up.

Supposedly shot entirely in the game's engine, the trailer highlights protagonist Faith Connors and her beginnings as a courier in a censor-heavy dystopian future.

Faith's brash nature soon nets her more than she bargained for, leading to a struggle against an oppressive megacorporation, complete with explosions and vertigo-inducing acrobatics on city rooftops.

DICE also announced it is holding a closed beta for those wanting to step in Faith's (highly athletic) shoes early, opening registration on the game's website. The beta can be played on PS4, Xbox One and on PC through Origin, though an EA Account is needed to sign up.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst releases on May 24 for the above-mentioned platforms. It's not yet been announced when the closed beta will start, though interested players should still sign up as soon as possible, since slots will likely be limited.

Parker Wilhelm
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