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Muscle sensors: next big thing in game control?

Microsoft developing muscle sensing for games control
Microsoft developing muscle sensing for games control

Following the successful press launch of its Project Natal motion control tech at E3 this year, Microsoft is now developing a system of muscle sensing control, with a new Guitar Hero demo showing off what the tech might be capable of.

Microsoft's new control tech lets you play Guitar Hero without using any kind of controller at all, merely attaching some muscle sensors to your arm to register when you move each one of your four fingers on your fret-hand.

Welcome, cyborg

Procrastineering notes that one of their favorite projects this year "was a muscle sensing system that (among other things) allows you to play Guitar Hero without a guitar".

But how does it do this?

By directly sensing "the electrical signals in your arms and maps those to the appropriate button presses" with the technology designed by PhD student Scott Saponas.

If Microsoft has its evil way we will all be fully cyborg-ed up by 2014, with our only form of emotional contact being with a creepy young virtual boy called Milo...

Via Procrastineering