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Molyneux moves up to Microsoft Games Studios

The likes of Fable 2 have done well for Xbox
The likes of Fable 2 have done well for Xbox

Fresh from being a key figure in the showcase of Project Natal, Peter Molyneux has been promoted to creative director for Microsoft Gaming studios.

The man behind the likes of Populous and Fable and head of Lionhead studios was the person to show off virtual friend Milo as the potential of Microsoft's controller-less vision of gaming was displayed.

MGS addictive

And now, the games designer will be responsible for the creative direction of MGS, while continuing in a role at Lionhead and helping out at Rare.

Molyneux "will bring a unique set of skills and an in-depth understanding of the games development process to this newly created role", said Microsoft.

The 50-year-old set up Lionhead 12 years ago, and the company was bought by MGS in 2006.

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