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Lightsabers improve everything, including GTA 5

GTA V lightsabers
Star Wars meets Grand Theft Auto.

Like almost everyone we know, we love both Star Wars and GTA 5, so we couldn't click fast enough to get through to this fan-made video that brings them both together. The 64-second clip shows "Darth Trevor" fight "Michael Kenobi" in the arid deserts of Blaine County, San Andreas.

Unfortunately this isn't a playable mod - as creator Boris the Blade points out, the video combines footage recorded in game with some seamless post-production work in Adobe After Effects. Let's hope Rockstar incorporates something like this in time for GTA 6.

We won't spoil the plot of the clip for you but there are one or twists along the way - both Trevor and Michael look like they've had plenty of time to master the Force, showing off Skywalker-esque skills mixed with a decent dose of traditional Grand Theft Auto attitude. Apparently the video took a month and a half to make.

By the time you've watched it through a couple of times, you'll be two minutes closer to the grand opening of The Force Awakens: the seventh film in the Star Wars saga appears in cinemas on 17 December in the UK and Australia, and on 18 December in North America.

David Nield

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