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Is Project Morpheus better than Oculus Rift?

Watch as Project Morpheus takes on Oculus Rift
Hey good lookin'

Sony fans sure are a spoilt lot, aren't they? Just months after the PlayStation 4 went on sale, GDC 2014 has brought another massive addition to Sony's gaming roster: a full-fledged virtual reality headset.

Well, we say fully-fledged, although Sony's made it clear that Project Morpheus is still in its prototype stages, with more than a few kinks needing ironing out before it's ready for make us give up our social lives.

Although Oculus VR has made it clear it welcomes the competition, there's bound to be some rivalry between the companies as each contends for gamers' attention (and cash). Will Sony get Project Morpheus out the door quicker and seal the allegiance of early adopters? Or will Oculus' thrice-refined offering present a more dependable choice?

We've got all this, and more, in this week's Gaming Spotlight.