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iPhone's 'Xbox Live' launches today

Ngomo launches Plus+ - the 'Xbox Live' of iPhone gaming
Ngomo launches Plus+ - the 'Xbox Live' of iPhone gaming

A new social gaming service for iPhone gamers launches this week, courtesy of games devs Ngcomo.

Ngcomo's 'Plus+' shares a number of similar features to Microsoft's Xbox Live service such as the ability to create your own personal profile, build friend lists and keep records of your gaming prowess across multiple titles.

You may remember that Ngcomo is the company started by ex-EA exec Neil Young (no, not that Neil Young!) which piques our interest even further.

Plus+ on iPhone 3GS

The timing of the Plus+ social gaming service launch is also clearly timed to tie-in with this week's launch of the new Apple iPhone 3GS.

The latest 3.0 version of Ngmoco's Star Defense is set to be the first iPhone game to feature Plus+ functionality, with the developer also opening up the Plus+ platform to other developers and publishers of iPhone games.

Plus+ games will also – at some point in the future – feature Twitter and Facebook integration, though details on exactly how that will work are currently scarce.

Ngmoco hit the trade press headlines earlier this month for taking on ex Sega boss Simon Jeffery as its new Chief Publishing Officer.

For more on this intriguing sounding service, head over to Ngmoco's site.

Via Business Insider