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Hulu is coming to the PSN, not PlayStation Plus

Hulu coming to the PSN
Hulu coming to the PSN

Hulu has confirmed that it will be available to all PlayStation users and not just those who sign up for Sony's paid-for PlayStation Plus service.

There was a worry that when Hulu appeared on the PS3, it would be behing the PlayStation Plus paywall – which would mean you would effectively have to pay twice for the subscription service.

Hulu's hoops

It turns out that this isn't the case and, according to Hulu, who have said it will be part of the free PSN but will cost a $10 a month subscription.

This is the same price as the iPad and iPhone versions of the service.

There's no word yet if Hulu will be coming the PSN in the UK. The company's track record with UK has been less than impressive, with a UK version of the site stalling due to advertising problems.

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