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Sony confirms arrival of PSP Go

PSP - given a makeover
PSP - given a makeover

Sony has, as expected, announced a new PSP, the PSP Go – with Kaz Hirai joking it was also called the 'worst kept secret of E3.

Along with an updated media functionality called MediaGo – the PSP Go is designed for the 'new media generation,'with 16GB of internal dlash memory.

Sony's Hirai insisted that the PSP 3000 and the UMD were not being killed off, insisting that the PSP Go would be a complimentary product and not a replacement.

The PSP Go will be 40 per cent lighter than the original PSP, features slide out controls and has no slot for UMD discs, with games all downloaded to memory.

PSP Go will be coming to US and EU for $249.99 and €249.99 on October 1, the UK price will be in line, no doubt.

Gran Turismo

The announcement was made at the same time as Gran Turismo and Resident Evil for PSP were announced.

Sony also revealed that all PSP games would be distributed digitally via the PlayStation network, but also be produced on UMD for old school devices.

Plus the music system of the PSP has been given a major overhaul, with 'SenseMe' bringing major improvements to one of the PSP's weakest areas.

MediaGo will replace MediaManager.

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