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Sky 3D content makes its way to the Nintendo 3DS

Sky 3D content makes its way to the Nintendo 3DS
Meerkats comes to the 3DS

The first batch of Sky 3D content has landed on the Nintendo 3DS, with users of the handheld getting access to a trailer for upcoming Sky show, Meerkats 3D.

Nintendo announced back in January that it had signed a partnership deal with Sky, where content would be made available to users of the device.

The Meerkats 3D trailer is the first of this content, according to Official Nintendo Magazine, and it has been made available alongside a video of 3D magic tricks.

More 3D content

More content is said to be on its way, with Nintendo also getting 3D clips from Eurosport and episodes of Shaun The Sheep 3D from Aardman.

The Nintendo 3DS hasn't exactly set the world alight since its launch in the UK in March.

Although in our review we praised its 3D capabilities, Nintendo has had to lower the price of the console since its launch, which did lead to a sales push in the US.

While it's great to see Sky 3D stuff being made available on the 3DS, we're hoping that the next wave of content is rather more long form.

Via Official Nintendo Magazine

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