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Opera delighted with Nintendo relationship

Nintendo DSi - and a free Opera browser
Nintendo DSi - and a free Opera browser

Opera is hopeful that it will continue to provide browsers for gaming giants Nintendo after the success of its DSi and Wii software.

The browsers on both of Nintendo's blockbusting gaming platforms have been well received, with the Wii 'Internet Channel' browser being the most popular television-based browsers around, according to CEO Jon von Tetchner.

And Opera's relationship with Nintendo has remained strong, with the former keen to continue to work with the Japanese giants.

Wii Friends

"We have good relationship with Nintendo, confirmed Opera's von Tetzchner.

"The recent addition - the DSi browser - has been provided for free on the device and that's a movement in the right direction.

"We are very happy about the fact that Opera on Wii is the most used device to browse on televisions - that is the biggest volume of users.

"We feel the browser is a very good user experience and working with Nintendo was very good.

"They challenged us and we challenged them and it is clear that they are very focused on making easy to use applications for their products."

The Wii 'Internet Channel' was launched back in April 2007 and had been a poipular purchase for many Wii owners, while DSi owners can download a version of Opera 9.5 for their handheld for free.

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