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Nokia finally kills off N-Gage gaming platform

Nokia N-Gage
Nokia's game fans are about to be dis-N-Gaged

In a classic case of putting on a brave show, Nokia has announced the death of its N-Gage gaming service by trying to persuade its few hardcore fans that the Ovi Store will be a more than adequate substitute for their affections.

The announcement came on Friday on the official N-Gage Blog, headlined "Mobile gaming evolves – Ovi Store is here", a post which was really all about the demise of the six-year-old N-Gage brand.

Activation issues

Buried in the fourth paragraph of the entry, Nokia admitted: "We will no longer publish new games for the N-Gage platform." Instead, games fans with Nokia handsets are encouraged to seek them out on the App-Store-like Ovi Store.

Although Nokia has promised to keep the site open until the end of September 2010, there are concerns that purchased N-Gage games might be unusable after that, as reinstalling such a title can require online activation.

Bury the dead

In a particularly apposite response, one analyst at US firm MKM Partners said: "It's a sign of a more realistic approach [from Nokia]. It's time to bury the dead and focus on the future."

Via Reuters