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Grand Theft Auto V gets official

Grand Theft Auto V gets official
All about the green

As if it was in any doubt, the existence of Grand Theft Auto V has been confirmed by Rockstar Games, with the promise of a trailer to follow on 2 November.

Although way back in 2009 one optimistic analyst reckoned that GTAV's release date would fall in 2011, the latest rumours have been rather more conservative.

Some even more optimistic retailers also listed GTAV in their inventories ahead of this year's E3, although no announcement was ever made at the show.

Roll on 2012

The imminence of the trailer now suggests a 2012 release, although there's a very slim possibility that Rockstar will release it before this Christmas.

It's more likely, however, it will land in 2012, with most rumours pointing to the setting being that of real life land of pimps and fast cars, Los Angeles.

Further details are thin on the ground – although CVG notes that the game may be codenamed 'Rush' and feature a "Welsh monk/cult leader/yoga teacher", a "weed evangelist", a "swinger" and "an ugly but comfortable mellow Californian divorcee". Standard.

From Rockstar via CVG

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