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Google's Nexus TV box may have just gone full throttle

Google's fabled TV set-top box may have just gone full throttle
Google's thinking bigger than Chromecast

If it actually exists, Google's set-top box has just had a boost as Brin and co have snapped up the better part of Android-based gaming company Green Throttle Games.

While Google is keeping mum on what it plans to do with its new purchase, sources speaking to PandoDaily say that the buy was made with a TV set-top box in mind.

The sources said Google is interested in GTG's Bluetooth controller, which it plans to refine for its own rumoured TV box.

There have already been whispers that Google's box will have a strong gaming aspect to it. Back in December, the word on the street was that Google's 'Nexus TV' was going to arrive in the first half of 2014.

Pedal to the metal

Green Throttle Games worked on bringing mobile games to the TV but lost momuntum towards the end of 2013.

But Google better put its foot down if it wants to get prime position in our living rooms, as both Amazon and Apple are rumoured to be making big strides in the TV and gaming space this year.

  • Meanwhile, we've still got the Chromecast to play with
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