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Galaxy quest: Hitchiker's Guide 30th anniversary text adventure now live

Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy text adventure revived by BBC
Don't Panic: you can still play the 20th anniversary edition if you really want to

Picture the scene: it's 1984 and computer graphics were non-existent. Instead text was your friend and when that text comes from the mind of Douglas Adams' it was always going to be awesome.

When it was first released, the Hitchiker's Guide computer adventure game went on to sell 350,000 copies and to celebrate its release 30 years ago, the BBC has revived the game with it now available to play on its website.

The Beeb also did this for its 20 year anniversary but, hey, it's been 10 years and this update was done on HTML5 and comes with full screen support on touch devices, a special portrait mode, auto-saving achievements... but there's still no tea.

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