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Draw Something app knocks Angry Birds Space off its perch

Draw Something
Lots of people love to doodle

Draw Something, the app that has you guessing friends' doodles, has just passed the 50 million downloads mark.

In the 50 days since its launch the Pictionary-aping game has achieved over 50 million downloads.

Its success has seen it reclaim pole position in the iTunes paid app charts from Rovio's Angry Birds Space which only managed two weeks at the top before Draw Something drew ahead.

It now sits at the top of both iTunes paid and free charts.

Since the game was launched, more than 6 billion doodles have been scribbled by players of Draw Something across Facebook, Android and iOS. To begin with they were coming in at three drawings per second, but that has since rocketed to a stylus-sizzling 3,000 drawings per second.

No love for latrine

The most popular words used in the game are starfish, pregnant, hangman, six pack and boom box. What this reveals about the average thoughts of 50 million people, we don't know, but perhaps understandably the least popular word used is latrine.

Mobile gaming powerhouse Zynga recently spent $180 million buying Draw Something's creator OMGPOP. Looks like it was a good purchase.

Via Venture Beat