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Destiny 2 confirmed – here's when we'll see it


Just when you wrote off a Destiny sequel as a unicorn we'll never see, Activision and Bungie went ahead and announced the next chapter is coming.

The news was packed in with several other announcements, but that's the big one: A full Destiny sequel will release in 2017.

In addition, a large expansion is due later this year. This is after a sizable update arrives in the spring.

The spring update will feature a "significant" Light increase, new gear and new challenges for PvE players. Just what's in the expansion is still unknown.

Destiny 2 was apparently delayed, as reported by Kotaku, but now it's on paper - at least virtual paper - that we should look to 2017 for a brand-new game.

Perhaps we'll find out more at E3 2016?

Michelle Fitzsimmons

Michelle is a Senior Content Writer at 8x8. She was previously an editor at TechRadar, a leading consumer tech news and reviews website. Now she’s focused on helping small businesses reach their goals.