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Crazy R2-D2 mod adds a Star Wars feel to the PlayStation 4

R2-D2 PlayStation 4 mod
The force is strong with this one.

Behold the R2-D2 Star Wars Themed PlayBook 4, one of the most impressive DIY mods we've seen in a while - it's a fully functional Sony PlayStation 4 crammed into a laptop case, plus some R2-D2 trimmings on top.

It's the work of Ed Zarick (who has form for this sort of thing) and members of the community at Astromech. The parts for the case were carefully 3D-printed and it comes complete with a selection of R2-D2 sounds to accompany your gaming.

The PS4 itself has been dismantled and put together again to fit the new shape, as you can see from some of the pictures on Zarick's website. It's just the sort of thing to get you in the mood for Episode VII.

You can't actually buy this mod but Zarick is taking commissions, so if you have an equally barmy idea for your Sony games console and want to see it come to life, drop him a line.

Via Kotaku

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