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The Xbox was almost named '11-X,' 'FACE' or 'CyberPlayGround'

Original Xbox
World, meet FACE

Microsoft's original Xbox console almost had a very different name.

Xbox launch team member Seamus Blackley revealed some of the names that Microsoft considered internally in an old interview that Edge just posted. For the most part they're not pretty.

What if the first Xbox console had been called X-11, Windows Entertainment Project (WEP), Midway, FACE (Full Action Center), MITH (Microsoft Interactive Theater), R&R (Reality and Revolution), CPG (CyberPlayGround), or any number of other horrible, horrible choices?

The closest thing to what we eventually got was "DirectX Box," which the team shortened internally just to "Xbox." It was an uphill battle to get that name to stick, Blackley revealed, but clearly it was worth it.

Thank goodness they didn't go with Xbox One, or they'd have nothing to call the new console. Now excuse us while we go get some FACE time in.

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