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Sony's first major PS4 update is out today putting social front and centre

First major PS4 update is out today
Even more goodies

Sony's first big update to the PS4 is coming today and it's bringing some sweet new improvements to the console.

We already knew about some of the new features - like Sony's new video-editing app ShareFactory which will appear on your PS4 home screen after the update.

It lets you capture gameplay and customise the video with special effects before sharing it with your gaming pals via Facebook or save them to USB.

Pre-order downloads

You'll also be able to pre-order game downloads that will automatically begin downloading on launch day, pay for things in the PS4 Store using PayPal instead of a credit card and broadcast on Twitch in 720p HD.

In an effort to up the social element, Sony will also let you search friends-of-friends and view mutual friends, as well as making it easier for you to customise exactly who you share what with.

Also coming today are updates to the PS Vita that will make it easier to link up to your PS4, while the PlayStation App is getting push notifications and the ability to manage friend requests.

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