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Sony follows Xbox One's lead by promising PS4 games at PS3 prices

First-party PS4 games to stick to PS3 pricing
Don't mess

Following confirmation that Xbox One games will stick to Xbox 360 pricing, Sony has confirmed that first-party titles on the PS4 will also cost the same as the current gen.

This will apply to Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Knack and Infamous Second Son, which will be launching during the PS4 launch window, a Sony spokesperson told Shack News.

All first-party titles will continue to be priced at $59.99 (around £39.99 in the UK), though Sony hasn't said whether this will continue to be the case down the line. We'd say it's a pretty strong indicator though.

And the rest?

It also doesn't mean that third party titles will follow suit. Currently, Activision and Ubisoft are declining to say whether their next-gen titles will cost the same as their PS3 counterparts.

EA COO Peter More recently said, however, that he doesn't expect its next-gen titles to increase in price, so hopefully this will set some sort of precedent.

"You see a $60 price for a next-gen game whereas we believe [with digital downloads] we can get $70, $80, $90 from the consumer, but it's a $60 price point," he said.


Hugh Langley

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