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Growing disquiet over Nvidia Vista drivers

GeForce 8800 graphics card boxes are stickered with this logo - driver issues have meant poor Vista compatibility

Nvidia's failure to release final Windows Vista drivers has lead to growing disquiet among gamers. One group has even formed , a site where gamers can post their issues with Nvidia 's Beta Vista drivers.

Part of the problem is that while Nvidia says its latest GeForce 8800 series supports DirectX 10, Vista's graphics engine, the latest supported drivers don't quite match the billing. ForceWare v100.59 doesn't work with SLI dual-card solutions. The Beta versions are also affected.

It appears SLI support is imminent, though Nvidia's "Essential Vista" branding looks slightly hollow for this top tranche of the gaming market. The cards work fine under Windows XP, but if you want the DirectX 10 graphics engine you need to have Vista.

US gamer Nathan is behind the site, which hopes to get some action from Nvidia on the topic. The site is designed to stir gamers into action on the issue. However, the organiser says he would be happy with a public apology for Vista, and some pledges over the availability of the final ForceWare drivers.


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