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Pre-Titanfall Xbox One update brings multiplayer treats

Pre-Titanfall Xbox One update brings multiplayer treats
We really, really hope it's been worth the hype

Microsoft has begun rolling out its big March Xbox One update, setting gamers up for the release of the hugely-anticipated Titanfall.

The update brings new features for the console's party and multiplayer systems, along with a number of welcome fixes.

After updating, you'll be able to access your friend list faster, chat with friends playing different games and have chat audio turn on by default when you join a party.

Dolby day

The firmware update also adds support for 5.1 Dolby Digital sound and 50Hz output to the console.

A spokesperson told TechRadar that everyone can expect to get the update in the next two to three days, so don't worry if your box hasn't already made the jump.

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Hugh Langley

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