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One person's junk turns out to be super-rare SNES PlayStation

SNES Playstation Hero
The SNES Playstation consol

A few pictures of what could be an actual SNES Playstation console have surfaced on Reddit. Is it a genuine first look or someone's painstaking pet project?

At one point in time, Nintendo and Sony attempted to join forces to get Sony's CD-ROMs into gaming consoles - though the console they designed would use both CDs and SNES carts.

But Nintendo eventually went behind Sony's back and brought Phillips aboard, leaving Sony to release its own console, the original Playstation.

SNES Playstation Console

We've seen pictures of the legendary system before, but this is the first wild one. The poster, Dan Diebold, seems to have found it in a box of junk his dad forgot to throw out from his time at Nintendo. Someone called Olaf (Olaf Olafsson, former President and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc?) told him to get rid of the stuff in the box, which (obviously) didn't happen, luckily for us.

Now, we have the joy of seeing what could have been... It may still be a very well-mocked up fake, but take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

SNES Playstation Console

SNES Playstation Console

Via Nintendo Life