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Nintendo denies GameCube on chopping block

There's still fight in the old Nintendo GameCube.

So much of what passes for news in this technology business we all love and cherish is based on rumour and hearsay it's often difficult to know what to believe. Naturally, you can trust us, particularly when we pass on the good word that Nintendo's GameCube is actually not officially dead .

The news - from our groovy friends at SPOnG, the UK games specialists - comes barely a day after internet blogs almost wet their collective pants over a Nintendo US executive saying the GameCube was end of line - kaput; no more; deceased; out of production.

Relax - it's just a game

Apparently, the American executive concerned (Perrin Kaplan, vice president, marketing and corporate affairs) misspoke to such an extent Nintendo Japan was moved to issue an indirect denial about the death of the GameCube.

As for the next step, we fully expect Ms Kaplan to be banished to the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Toadstool as an act of contrition until she runs into the 1-up mushroom.