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My Xbox Live app update brings full Companion remote to iPad

My Xbox Live app iPhone
The update brings the full remote features from the iPhone version

Microsoft has added full iPad support to the My Xbox Live app, giving it the same capabilities that came to the iPhone and iPod touch last month.

A basic version of the app arrived back in December, offering Xbox Live content browsing, friend list access and message editing. Last month's 1.5 update saw full Xbox Companion remote control capabilities arrive for the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android.

The new 1.6 version brings the iPad app in line with other devices, updating it with all the Companion remote features. iPad users can now browse video content, launch games, play DVDs and navigate the console's full UI.

No need to be a SmartGlass

This latest update brings us one step closer to Microsoft's long term Xbox SmartGlass plans.

Microsoft showed off the concept at E3 2012, promising bags of second screen content for games, films and TV shows (accessed through the Xbox 360).

With the full Xbox Companion remote now available on a variety of platforms, Microsoft is getting Xbox 360 users comfortable with using their mobile devices alongside their console. This should work in its favour when SmartGlass finally lands.

Via AppleInsider