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Microsoft wins domain, but what does it mean?

Microsoft wins domain, but what does it mean?
Does the battle offer clues about the next-gen console?

Microsoft has moved to acquire the domain name, leading to speculation regarding the real identity of the next-gen 'Xbox 720' console.

The gaming giant won a legal battle against a Chinese individual who'd bought up a host of Xbox-related URLs

The domains involved included,,,, and

The first four fit in nicely with the company's current goals to bring Xbox functionality to phones and tablets and Live TV to Xbox consoles, but what does Xbox8 mean - if anything?

Xbox Infinity?

While it's highly unlikely that Microsoft would suddenly name its third console Xbox 8, the eight may not be on the level. Place it on its side and you get one of these babies: ∞

Might Redmond Christen the Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity? It Sounds pretty feasible and, let's face it, it's way better than the alternative.

Or is Xbox 8 simply related to a software update or just a case of Microsoft wanting to snap up all Xbox related domain names?

Regardless, this is the best piece of Xbox conjecture since that 56-page presentation leaked online.

Via: CNN