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Microsoft Kinect uses 'single digit CPU power' of Xbox 360

Microsoft Kinect has a UK release date of 10 November

Alex Kipman, head of the Kinect project, told that the motion controller doesn't use a huge amount of the Xbox 360's processing power. Indeed, he says it's a single digit power draw.

The news is contrary to quotes in a New Scientist article back in January which put the CPU power needed at 10-15 per cent.

However, it seems that those quotes weren't erroneous. Instead, the add-on has undergone some serious optimisation in the interim.

TechRadar has been playing with Kinect and we'll be publishing our full in-depth review tomorrow morning - for our interim verdict, check out our hands on. Microsoft Kinect has a UK release date of 10 November.

As we said in that piece from June, we weren't incredibly impressed with Kinect's performance. "No sugar-coating here; we came away disappointed from what we saw at E3 this year. MS's line-up of games failed to counteract arguments that Kinect is aimed primarily at the casual audience and not for core gamers." Although our full review tomorrow will give you the complete story.



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