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Microsoft gets reprieve in Motorola bid to ban Xbox 360

Microsoft gets temporary reprieve in Motorola bid to ban Xbox 360
Reconsideration in Xbox patent infringement case will take months

A decision on whether Microsoft infringed on Motorola patents with the Xbox 360 has been delayed until next year, meaning their won't be any sales ban on the console in the meantime.

Motorola, ergo Google, alleges that the Xbox 360's ability to connect wirelessly to the internet, as well as video compression and speed transmission technology within the console, uses tech patented by Moto.

A U.S. trade panel had agreed that Microsoft had violated four of the five patents in question and a final verdict had been expected in August, with a US ban among the possibilities.

Now the case has been referred to a judge for reconsideration and that, reports Reuters, "will likely take months."


The decision gives Microsoft a temporary reprieve, meaning its likely to get the Christmas sales rush out of the way before any potential ban comes into effect.

The company is expected to announce its next generation Xbox 720 console at E3 next summer, which would also reduce the long-term effect of any sales ban.

Via: Reuters