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Kinect 2 for Windows moving to developers this November

Kinect 2 for Windows available for developers this November
On its way to developers this November

Microsoft used Build 2013 to reveal that Kinect 2 for Windows will be available for developers this November.

The device is being offered early to developers for a cost of $399 (£268, AU$429) before its 2014 launch date to ensure plenty of apps are available for users on day one.

However, developers who were hoping to buy an Xbox One and use the Kinect that it comes packaged with, as developers did with Kinect for Xbox 360, will be sorely disappointed.

Microsoft is selling Kinect 2 for Xbox One with a special Xbox One, non-USB, connection. Speaking to Ars Technica, a Microsoft spokesman said: "The Kinect for Xbox One sensor will not have an adaptor that allows it to plug into a computer".

Via Cnet

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