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Power pyramid makes mobile media simple

Onkyo's Wavio VR-100J makes it easy to transfer video files to your phone

Getting audio and video onto mobile devices can be a nightmare simply because the range of encoding formats used can confound even hardened hackers, so it's a pleasure to see an exceedingly simple device from Onkyo designed to do just that.

The Onkyo Wavio VR-100J goes on sale on Christmas Day for 20,000 Yen (£94) and is simplicity itself - just connect the video or audio source to the input ports, stick in an SD card, press the button corresponding to your phone and the appropriate file is dumped onto the card.

The formats handled by the pyramidal powerhouse cover pretty much every modern Japanese phone, as well as the Play-Yan device for Nintendo's Gameboy Advance, DS Lite and Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP). A timer means you can even set it to record the equivalent of late-night Channel 5 for viewing on the morning commute. J Mark Lytle