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Can you spot all 24 differences at the Fallout 4 noodle bar?

Fallout 4 spot the difference quiz

The Wasteland is usually a cheerless place, full of Ghouls, Super Mutants and chem addicts. However, on December 24, cheer comes to the great town of Diamond City as Christmas Trees and lights go up around your favourite hangout, the Power Noodles bar.

To celebrate the holidays, we've created a rather lo-fi Fallout 4 spot-the-difference quiz.

Look at the images below and try to pick out all 24 differences. The particularly enthusiastic among you might want to even print the pictures out and grab a pencil (lead 1/1, wood 2/1).

Can you find them all?

Fallout 4 Spot The Diff original image

Click on the pic below to reveal the locations of the differences:

Fallout 4 Spot The Diff 2