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Freeview PVRs incoming from Goodmans

Goodmans is lining up two new Freeview PVRs for September and October. Both make use of the new Freeview Playback standard to provide Sky+ functionality for digital terrestrial (DVB-T) watchers.

The eye-pleasing Goodmans GHD8020F2 is the first of the two new models. It boasts an 80GB hard disk drive, which can squeeze in over 35 hours of MPEG-2 recordings. While the GHD8020F2 includes a 'One Touch Digital Set Up' feature, there's no mention of dual TV tuners for this model. But like any Freeview Playback device, the hard drive supports pausing and rewinding live TV.

Freeview Playback

The GHD8020F2 (would it have hurt Goodmans to give it a catchier, sexier name?) will be available in September, priced at around £130.

The second of the two new models, the wedge-shaped Goodmans GHD1621F2, has double the storage capacity of the GHD8020F2. So its 160GB HDD can be stuffed with 70 hours-worth of EastEnders, Big Brother and The Friday Night Project. This model does have twin tuners, enabling you to watch one channel whilst recording another.

Goodmans promise that it will be available to buy come October, price £TBC. Both models will be stocked in high street stores, including: Currys and Sainsbury's .