Fitbit launches three new fitness trackers in the UAE to help you handle the stress of 2020

Fitbit Sense
(Image credit: Fitbit)
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Fitbit has unveiled three new fitness trackers, including a brand new model specifically designed to help monitor and manage stress.

We got an early glimpse of all three devices when a set of 3D renders leaked last week. We were able to hazard a few guesses about the new watches' features based on the images (including the Sense's ECG sensor), but the full specs weren't revealed until a virtual press conference on August 24.

The Fitbit Sense features EDA (electrodermal activity) scanning, which detects changes in your skin's conductivity indicative of stress, You can use these measurements to track your stress levels over time, and take steps to manage them (including breathing exercises, which you can perform using the Sense's built-in app).

The Sense is also the first Fitbit to feature an ECG sensor, which can detect abnormal changes in heart rate, and alert you if your heart rate is unusually fast or slow. This tool is currently awaiting approval from the FDA, plus authorities in other countries, so we may have to wait for a future firmware update for it to become available.

There's also a built-in skin temperature sensor, which can alert you to potential signs of illness, including respiratory infections, before you start to notice symptoms.

Fitbit Sense is available for AED 1,399 in carbon/graphite stainless steel and lunar white/soft gold stainless steel. It will be available for pre-order starting September 14, 2020 online at select retailers, with broad availability in the UAE in late September through Amazon, Noon, Namshi, Virgin Megastore, GO Sport, Sharaf DG, Jumbo Electronics, Emax, E-City, LuLu and other retailers.

Leave the phone at home

Fitbit also unveiled a new device in its Versa line, the Fitbit Versa 3. This is a big step up from its predecessor, with on-board GPS, improved voice controls, and the ability to play music directly from Pandora and Deezer. Spotify users can control their playlists remotely.

Fitbit Versa 3 is available for AED 999 in black/black aluminum, pink clay/soft gold aluminum and midnight/soft gold aluminum.

Fitbit Inspire 2

(Image credit: Fitbit)

Finally, Fitbit revealed the Fitbit Inspire 2, a new entry-level fitness tracker with a subtly refreshed design and a handful of new features. 

The Inspire 2 now supports Active Minutes – a way of ensuring you don't just hit your step counts each day, but also spend sufficient time at heart rates high enough to improve your cardiovascular health. It can be complicated to understand, but Activity Minutes is a way if simplifying it and breaking it down into manageable goals.

Fitbit Inspire 2 is available for AED 399 in black, lunar white and desert rose. Sold separately, accessories are available in premium Horween® leather bands in midnight blue or black double wrap, mesh bands in silver and rose gold stainless steel, printed silicon band in bloom, classic silicone bands in black, lunar white and desert rose, and a new clip band in black, starting at AED 149.

Fitbit Premium is available for AED 40 per month or AED 330 per year.

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