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Fitbit Ionic adidas Edition lands in the UAE and adds an exclusive running app

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After releasing the Fitbit Ionic toward the end of 2017, the company is now releasing a special edition version of its smartwatch in partnership with sports brand Adidas.

The Fitbit Ionic: adidas Edition brings new software features to the watch along with a new color and an extra watch face.

In the box you’ll get an exclusive two-toned breathable sport band with a combination of Ink Blue and Ice Gray colors. That's with the normal silver aluminum casing from the original Ionic.

The big upgrade here though is the addition of the adidas Train app, which will be exclusive to this version of the watch. If you already own a Fitbit Ionic, you won’t be able to download this new app to your watch. That being said, we imagine that Fitbit might sell it later on.

Six new workouts

It includes six on-screen run-focused workouts that Fitbit thinks you should slot in between your regime to help improve your cardio, strength and flexibility. The app will guide you through the motions step-by-step to try and encourage you not to injure yourself during the workouts.

Two five-minute workouts included are called Dynamic Warm Up and Post Run Stretch. There are two 10-minute long options called Power Pace that aims to “make your body more elastic, forceful and efficient” as well as a running strength workout called Strong Strides.

There are also two 15-minute workouts called Metabolic (that does what you'd expect and aims to boost your metabolism) while there’s also Run Activation that’s aiming to improve the stability of your hips, core and shoulders.

Isn't it Ionic?

All of this comes alongside the normal specs of the Fitbit Ionic: a full color display, apps and games through the Fitbit App Gallery, built-in GPS, heart rate tracking and more. We're still waiting for Fitbit Pay to make it to the region though.

The adidas Edition smartwatch also comes with a custom clock face inspired by the brands own race bib, which you’ll be able to switch between four different colors. We expect this will remain an exclusive watch face for this version of the watch, much like the adidas Train app, so don’t expect access to this if you already own the Ionic.

Fitbit is pricing it at AED 1,495 which is a tad bit over the original's price of AED 1,399. That being said, the original Ionic can be picked for AED 1,099 making the adidas edition 400 Dirhams more expensive. Whether that extra price is worth the adidas branding and workouts is for you to decide.

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