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Faraday will unveil the future of electric cars at CES... again

Faraday Future – the electric car company hoping to rival Tesla – will be making a major announcement at CES for the second year running. 

After showing off a concept car, the FFZERO1, back in January 2016, FF has also thrown in with Formula E racing as it negotiates the tricky 'concept to reality' phase of its existence. 

According to a Tweet, it will have more news about its plans in January.  

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Of course, the cynical among you may suggest that this kind of plea for attention is exactly what a company at the stage in its life where FF is right now needs to do. And you'd be right.

But given how pretty the concept is, and the way in which Tesla has taken off, we'll be looking forward to finding out what the news is when we're in Las Vegas next January for CES 2017. 

Patrick Goss

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