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Facebook is working on its own version of Prisma

New photo editing apps like Prisma and Snapseed have changed the way we show off our photos on social media in 2016, and Facebook now wants to change the way we upload videos too.

Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox showed off a prototype of similar filter technology to Prisma at an interview during the WSJD Live conference.

Unlike Prisma, Facebook’s new tech is just designed for video and there's no sign yet the company will allow it to work on still images.

It’ll also work much faster than Prisma – apparently the demo on stage showed the video rendering in real-time, which Prisma doesn't currently do.

Filters on filters

Cox admitted each filter is currently in a prototype stage and he didn't make it clear how Facebook plans to implement the technology.

Facebook could release a new, separate app to compete with Prisma or it could bring the features to Instagram to offer extra video filters.

There’s also the chance the company could implement this technology into its Facebook Live platform, which would make sense considering it works in real-time.

For now we're going to have to wait to find out as Cox didn't reveal when the technology will be launching.

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James Peckham
James Peckham

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